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 Maggie No-Last-Name

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PostSubject: Maggie No-Last-Name   Sat Oct 24, 2009 1:26 am

Name: Maggie (Last Name Unknown)

Age: Physically 12, Actually 160 (If you count her human years but if you don't count Maggie` s years as a mortal, she is only 152)

Vampire, Werewolf, Volturi, or Human?: Vampire

[if vampire] Coven: Used to be Irish, but is now a nomad of the world you can say.

Appearance: Maggie is a strikingly gorgeous vampire. She stands at 5'0, the average height of any 12 year old. Maggie`s hair color is an amazingful auburn. Her hair is normally straight but on some days, it has a wave to it. Maggie`s hair goes down to her mid-back. Maggie has long auburn bangs that stop at the top part of her eyes. If she is going to be working a lot, she'll push back her bangs with one of the stretchy head-bands. Very often Maggie blows her bangs up and watches them fall,a sign of being either annoyed, bored, thirsty, or a million other moods I am not listing.
Maggie`s eyes are a very blood thirsty burgundy red which Maggie loves. Whenever Maggie goes outside and mortals ask "What is up with your eyes?" , Maggie will say either see has a sick disease or she is wearing contacts. Maggie`s lips are a dark pink-almost magenta you can say- and are completely full. Her nose is medium-sized and at the tip of her nose, Maggie`s nose points up. People say her pointed tip nose shows "Snobby-ness" but Maggie just rolls her eyes and bitterly says "You really need to work on your jealousy issues.". While all of Maggie`s other facial features are beautiful and so adult-like, Maggie has one part of her that is silly and child-like just like one of the many sides of her personality. Her ears. They are so big, it`s ridiculous. But they always make people laugh, so it's okay. Maggie weighs somewhere around 98 pounds(Mind you see is only 12 in human years) .
Maggie tends to wear button-downs, jeans, and either chucks or converse. Maggie constantly carries around a black back-pack (Major Rhymage There) full of stuff. Nobody knows what is in there and nobody ever will. Touch her back-pack, Maggie will kill you. No lie. Same goes with her necklace that she wears everyday. The necklace chain is silver as well as 3/4 of the necklace. The necklace has a black eye on it. Around the black eye is little silver markings. Nobody-except Maggie- knows the meaning of the necklace. But Maggie`s never gonna say the meaning.

Story [for non-saga charries]: Maggie doesn't remember everything from her life as a human but she knows enough.
Maggie was born on January 30th, of 1849. She lived normally. She sung songs and laughed with her 8 family members (Her Ma, Her Pa, Her Gran, Her 2 Sisters, Her 2 Brothers, and her cat Meowzers). Maggie seemed like such a happy little girl, like nothing would bring her down. Yeah, people that said that-they were dead wrong. 8 months before Maggie`s twelth birthday, Maggie`s family decided to head out West when American started to grow. The family decided to stop in Oregon and start fresh there.
Eventually, Maggie`s family set out. The journey all the way West would take about 6 months. Everything was fine until the fifth month. Maggie had hung out with a boy named Jack. What Maggie didn't know-but Jack did- was that Jack had scarlet fever. The two started going out secretly, and when Jack kissed Maggie, he gave her scarlet fever also.
Maggie`s scarlet fever reached her eyes, affecting Maggie`s sight. Maggie lost her eye-sight bit by bit until she was fully blind. Maggie`s family did decided to leave Maggie behind because they thought she would hold up the trip. Maggie did get left behind sadly. Maggie lived on her own for many weeks.. She ate dead pioneers (Yes, she ate humans even before she was a vampire.). Also, She drank water from a pond and she slept in trees. It was tough since she was fully blind.
3 months later, Maggie turned 12. "Happy Birthday to me" she muttered bitterly, the whole day. Maggie lived on like this for a couple more weeks. Things were fine (Well as fine as Maggie`s life was going to get) until two vampires showed up. The vampire`s names are still unknown to this day.
The two vampires turned Maggie into a vampire for a reason that nobody is really sure on. It took Maggie to transform longer than most. It took her 7 days. Yep, a week of fire burning pain. When the transformation was complete you can imagine how Maggie was surprised! Here she was thinking she was going to be blind forever with a new pair of eyes that were way to enhanced for human eyes. The two vampires quickly explained everything to Maggie. Maggie was furious with what they did to her, turning her into a monster like that, and quickly killed them easily.
Maggie moved to Ireland and stayed with her Vampire "Parents" Siobhan and her mate Liam and lived with them for many years. Yes, Maggie and her family were there to witness for the Cullen`s and the Renesmee incident to witness and if they had to, fight. Maggie had gotten into a heated argument with Siobhan and Liam over her drinking human blood and she moved out. Now she travels all over the land.
Some things you must know about Maggie is that......
*She hates the Volturi
*She plans on killing herself
*She is only living for 2 reasons. The first reason is for Video-Taping/Filming and the second reason is unknown but is getting closer to being found out
*She lives on her own
*She has a gift, and that is that she knows when you are lying
*Maggie just knows only a bit on her human life. She doesn't know the small details like how Maggie isn't even her real name.
*Maggie is indescribable. Very indescribable.

Yep, that`s it.
Oh Except for this.
-Maggie IS an actual character from the book. I decided to give her her big spot light since she was hardly mentioned in Breaking Dawn. Yeah, I made up 3/4 and a half of this up. The only parts I didn't make up is how that Maggie has auburn hair, the fact that she lived with the Irish coven, her "Ability", and that her family and her were witnesses with the Cullen and Renesmee stuff. The rest, I made up!

Yeah, now I am done Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Maggie No-Last-Name   Sat Oct 24, 2009 1:48 am

Hahaha oh wells.
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Maggie No-Last-Name
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