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 Ryan Petersen

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Ryan Petersen

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PostSubject: Ryan Petersen    Sun Jul 04, 2010 2:37 am

Name:Ryan Petersen
Vampire, Werewolf, Volturi, or Human?:werewolf
[if vampire] Coven:
Appearance:Ryan has a muscular, broad figure. He have chocolate brown hair, and brown eyes. In his other form, he is white, horse sized wolf.

Story [for non-saga charries]: Ryan's life was an average life, he grew up in La Push surrounded by stories of werewolves and vampires, but never fully believing in them. Life never seemed all that hard of course there was the breakups, or deaths, but over all he lived a happy life. Ryan is the youngest of 3 children, he never quite understood why they never were around once they turned 16. Soon enough it happened to him too and he joined the pack as expected.

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Coolness ;D Accepted Razz
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Ryan Petersen
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