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 MYERS, Alyssa

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PostSubject: MYERS, Alyssa   Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:22 pm

Name: Alyssa Myers
Age: 1 month old (looks 5 years)
Vampire, Werewolf, Volturi, or Human?: Vampire Hybrid (like Renesmee)
Coven: The Myers Coven (Or the "Northern Coven")
Appearance: Little Alyssa isn't short for her age, nor tall. Her hair is dark brown and it's medium length, she tends to bite her lip so you will sometimes see little teeth marks on her lower lip.
Story: Alyssa was born in Alberta Canada, along with her twin brother Davis. They were born premature, killing their mother as soon as they were born. Her father, uncle, aunt, and 2 cousins (all vampires) always cared for them, not letting the Volturi see them or even hear about them, in fear they would be mistaken as Immortal Children. The first five days of Alyssa and Davisís lives, they moved twice and finally settled in Seattle, Washington. They also befriended the Cullenís. Renesmee soon grew interested, wondering if these people were anything like her, one day, while she was visiting La Push with Jacob, she begged him to take her to see them, Jacob obliged and they left to meet the Myers Coven. When Renesmee met them, her and Alyssa instantly became friends, later making a Pac promising each other they would see each other at least, once a week. The next few weeks went as normal, hunting, twirling hair, biting her lip, etcetera.

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PostSubject: Re: MYERS, Alyssa   Fri May 06, 2011 8:19 pm

Approved :]
Please make your default picture a picture of your character.
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MYERS, Alyssa
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