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 Winter Willa.

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Winter Willa.

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PostSubject: Winter Willa.   Fri Sep 12, 2008 5:56 pm

Name:Winter Willa
Age: 453 yrs.


Coven: The Willa Nomads. My own coven.

Appearance:Uhh...look at my pic, i guess. Im going to be taking more pictures of myself that are better and newer so yeah.
Story: My story is that i lived in England when i was human. After being turned under possibly the worste conditions (after stumbling upon an ancient vampire in the streets, who probably wasn't in the best of physical conditions [for a vamp].) I dedicated my whole life after learning what i was to grasp it and make it worth eternity. I learn every language ever known to man. I become every perfesional feild that i could possibly want to be.
and i become a famouse writer, which, in the eyes of the humans, is human.
but upon traveling the world looking for...well, i didn't really know or decide where i was going or what i was looking for. but, in any rate, i stumble into the cullen family. then i inform them that their last names are actually those little bumps on the sides of those really fancy knives. seriously, no kidding. Of course, after we start role playing, my story with the cullens will unravel.
and there you have it.
Oh. and i think i should mention that my hunting habits aren't the same as the cullen's though quite similar.
I feed mostly on animals, but everyonce in a FINE while, i'll drink human blood to booste my abilities. Mostly because i feel like being powerful. I know it sounds kinda bitchy but, thats just how i would (am) be.
My speacial ability is that i am able to have out-of-body experiences that can be ranged from miles from where i'm at, but it leaves my body in 'auto pilot', im still able to do things, like driving, and interacting but, you won't get a very 'human' responce until i 'come back'.
This comes in handy when a dangerous situation arises or when i want to keep an on things. So, it would be smart to watch what you say when you think im not there, because, if you're an interesting topic, i'll probably not be too far away!

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PostSubject: Re: Winter Willa.   Fri Sep 12, 2008 5:58 pm

Thats really cool XD

Approved! Razz
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Jamie Lucifer-Willa

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PostSubject: Re: Winter Willa.   Sun Sep 14, 2008 6:42 pm

Ah this is awesome!

I loooove it. I love you
It's super creative.
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PostSubject: Re: Winter Willa.   

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Winter Willa.
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